It might be presumptuous to assume you are reading this in order to book one of our pristine rooms. Maybe you just like the way I write, but after all this is an accommodation business. We have highlighted some places to visit, things to do in winter and provided some tricks to travel better, but we haven’t told you much about our apartments themselves nor actively shown you our beneficial locations. Our main apartment complex is on Flinders Wharf, virtually docklands and right next to the Yarra river. Not only is there an abundance of quality restaurants nearby, but also supermarkets all within walking distance in order to use the kitchens available in all our apartments. For today’s blog I will show you some of our favorite apartments and show you why our location is essential for your Melbourne stay.

This apartment is just a minor look into how homey and well-designed our rentals are. The room itself has magnificent decor and the sliding doors act as a large window to allow for natural light to constantly envelope the spacious apartment. Natural light is important. It scientifically makes us more awake and cheerful, and although we seldom will admit it, makes our skin look flawless. Although art is subjective, I can objectively say the art is tasteful and it is certainly pleasant to look at. However with a view like that you wont be looking at the art regardless. The only problem with this apartment is that it makes you never want to leave!

This specific apartment is one of the lavish and central South Bank properties. The furnishing screams luxury, but is not clinical as seen in many other high-end apartments. It is still comfortable living and will always be a home away from home for you. This particular property has a gorgeous marble slab sink and a romantic long bath. It is perfect for a business trip, to fall into the couch after a hard days labor, or as a romantic getaway with ones partner. This multi-purposed and adaptive property is bound to tickle ones fancy, because it is well suited for anyone. Who doesn’t love a tasteful apartment with a stunning view of Melbourne’s city.

A look into our prime location will be sure to make you jump on the laptop and click book now! We really are in the middle of everything. From Flinders St, to Southern Cross Station to DFO, everything is within easy access. If you think the National Gallery of Victoria is far, or maybe even federation square, think again! The 70 and 75 tram are a 2 minute walk from our building and will get you to Flinders St Station in 10 minutes, which is a short and recommended walk to the NGV. If you want to take a day trip to the aquarium, just have a lovely stroll for 10 minutes. If you want to go somewhere out of Melbourne to really experience our gorgeous Australian coastline, like Geelong or Anglesea, Southern Cross station is on the 96 tram, and is literally 5 minutes away in order to jump on the next available V-line train! We weren’t lying when we said our location was extremely central and completely coherent with Melbourne’s best sites.

Don’t fret if you think that you can’t get to the state library or maybe Melbourne Central shopping centre. Once you get to Flinders street station, you not only have every metropolitan train available to you, but you also have an abundance of trams ready to take you to any suburb, and 10 minutes to the State Library or Melbourne Central.

From the best in apartments to the most excellent locations, our properties really do exceed expectations. So when travelling and hoping to really experience Melbourne the best way possible, and when feeling suffocated by the amount of accommodation options, just choose Melbourne Holiday Apartments. We find ourselves spending too much time trying to find all-rounder accommodation, but our buildings are sure to offer you all you need. So come stay with us here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments.


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