It’s difficult to travel the right way. Every time there’s something you forget, overlook or just a small mistake that makes life that little bit more difficult when abroad. You tell yourself, “next time I wont forget to do this”, “surely I’ve done it right this time.” However, somehow, some mystical force decides that you can’t fly without stress. If only there was a checklist of tricks and helpful tips to help you on your travels… Oh right, we here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments have done exactly that!

TIP 1: Roll, don’t fold!

Folding your clothes may look deceptively more compact, but at the end of the day its a time consuming process that in actuality allows you to fit the absolute minimum in clothes. You would be better off packing the clothes in unfolded. When you roll, you not only decrease the chances of creasing but you also allow for so much more room. You can fit your entire wardrobe in just the one suit case in a speedy and compressed manner.

TIP 2: Weigh your bags

There’s nothing worse than needing to wear your suitcase because you underestimated the need to meet checked and overhead luggage guidelines. We’ve all been there, considering whether or not we need select items that we’ve packed, mentally preparing ourselves for the very real possibility that we may need to discard of certain garments or trinkets. An easy solution is to remember to weigh your bags before getting to the airport, which is often forgot. If you do often forget, that’s why we’re here! 

TIP 3: Choose the right clothes

A common mistake is over packing. You bring a million things that you think you need, and then suddenly realize you have no space for souvenirs or anything else you wish to bring back with you. One reason to pack lightly is so you can go clothes shopping wherever you are flying regardless, and that way you get new clothes with some sentimental value. Another reason is plainly so you don’t always walk around looking like a tourist. Pack lightly and try to blend in, as well as ease the weight that may be breaking your spinal chord. One way to pack lightly is by bringing clothes with you that have a dual purpose. For instance, clothing that can be worn in the heat and the cold, like light sweaters or long sleeve shirts. Another way is to just cut your losses and bear to only bring the one hoodie, leaving behind the other that may look good with that “one” outfit. Travelling isn’t a fashion show, unless you are going for fashion in which case, pack your entire wardrobe!

TIP 4: Bring a small bag

A small bag is perfect for keeping your personal items close to you at all times. It’s never necessary to carry around a huge backpack every time you leave your accommodation. A small bag means you can bring only what you need for that specific day, and you can bring it without wearing a sign that screams “I’M A TOURIST.”

TIP 5: Don’t be afraid to use a map or ask a local!

Maps are extremely useful, and although sometimes it feels extremely embarrassing to open one in public, it can be the difference between a functional and dysfunctional day. A trip to the local travel advisory or information center in your city of choice will provide you with 100 maps and pamphlets of exciting things to do around the city. Although a lot of it is touristy and expensive, it is also imperative to visit some of the main stream attractions. On that note, if you are looking for an underground view of the city, and want to see in the city in a different light, don’t be afraid to ask a local. The best way to find the hidden gems is by meeting people who live there, and most of the time, you will luck out on something terrific.


The final tip I have for you, so that your travels are the best they can possibly be, is to find the right accommodation. Accommodation is everything. You can ask locals in your very own building, and we working here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments are all Melbourne locals and more than happy to help you find the best places, hell, we’ll even write up an itinerary for you! So where do you stay in order to really travel to Melbourne the right way? With us of course!










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