Try 10 of Melbourne’s best restaurants filled with flavours from around the globe!

Melbourne is a global city, with a global food culture. Make sure you take advantage of all the wonderful tastes this city has to offer! Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other  delicious cuisines in Melbourne and we wish we had time to write about all of them… maybe next time! 

  1. FRENCH: France soir 

For a special night out in Melbourne, try this classic French restaurant in South Yarra. France Soir has a cosy atmosphere that will make you feel as if you have been transported to France for a delicious, comforting, warm meal. Try traditional dishes such as Steak Tartare, Pommes Frites (fries), Oysters, Orange Duck and if you’re feeling adventurous, Escargots (snails)! We recommend having a Creme Brulee to finish off the night. Located just a couple of minutes walk from South Yarra station, a range of trains from Flinders street will take you right to this lovely restaurant. 


      2. JAPANESE: Kisume

It was very hard trying to choose just one Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, because the city is filled with all kinds of delicious Japanese restaurants. Eventually, we decided on the well known restaurant Kisume, in the Melbourne CBD which serves outstanding, fresh Sashimi! This stylish sushi bar not only provides delicious food, but also entertainment when you get to watch the skilled chefs creating their beautiful dishes. However, Kisume is not cheap, in fact it is very expensive due to all the fresh product and high standard of food. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable, casual Japanese meal, try out Shujinko ramen bar open 24/7, or one of the many sushi trains scattered around the CBD! 


       3. THAI: Chin Chin

This Modern Thai-fusion restaurant is an incredibly successful Melbourne restaurant which has been raved about by food critics. Taking a new spin on Thai food, you’ll try dishes you’ve never dreamed of that will leave your mouth watering! The presentation is also another notable plus to this restaurant, the food almost looks as good as it tastes!


       4. GREEK: Gazi

Melbourne is full of scrumptious Greek food, including many local souvlaki or kebab bars, perfect for a meal on the go, as well as tasty greek sweet shops! For a more formal Greek meal, head to Gazi restaurant, which serves up slightly unusual, experimental versions of classic greek dishes. We have also heard that the chips, for $11 are a must-try and are extremely satisfying!


     5. CHINESE: Man Mo

While Melbourne is packed with amazing dumpling restaurants that serve up overflowing plates of dumplings for unbelievably great prices, sometimes it’s nice to have an especially unforgettable unique Chinese meal. When you’re feeling like a flavourful serve of peking duck or even a traditional serving of fried rice or dumplings, in a gorgeous restaurant, Man Mo is the place for you. Plus, it’s located right next to our equally gorgeous Flinders Wharf apartments right by the Yarra river!


    6. ITALIAN: Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar 

Pelligrinis is one of Melbourne’s most well-known, treasured eateries. This family run restaurant has been serving up simple and scrumptious pasta, coffee and cakes for over six decades. With an atmosphere like no other, you will not want to miss out on experiencing the unique culture of Pellegrini’s. Fitted with red bar stools, an ancient menu and an old neon sign out front, you will truly feel as if you have stepped back in time! Just hop on the 96 tram to the city, just a minute away from our Flinders Wharf apartments, s to reach this Melbourne icon.


     7. INDIAN: Red Pepper

This delicious Indian restaurant is a well-known treasure in Melbourne, due to it’s amazing prices, flavours and location. Red Pepper is again on the 96 tram towards the city, right near Pelligrinis on Bourke street! Especially at this chilly time of the year, Indian is the perfect cuisine to make you feel warm inside, and we can guarantee you’ll feel like that after eating at Red Pepper!


     8. SPANISH: Movida 

For a fun, spanish night out we have chosen Movida, a funky Tapas restaurant on Hosier lane in the city. One great benefit of going to Movida is its location, Hosier lane is filled with  lots of Melbourne Graffiti, and is a must-see for tourists! Movida’s menu is packed with lots of little dishes, perfect for sharing and trying many different flavours. Beware,  if you’re heading to Movida on the weekend, we recommend making a booking as it can get pretty busy!


     9. KOREAN BBQ: G2

The Melbourne CBD is filled with Korean restaurants, it would be difficult not to find one and we would recommend almost all of them! Korean Barbeque is perfect for providing fun entertainment, as well as a juicy meal. While there are a range of tasty Korean Bbq restaurants, we chose one which we believe deserves an honourable mention. Our pick is G2 Korean BBQ which is located in the heart of the CBD.  This restaurant has perfectly prepared meat ready to be cooked to your liking, and it looks great too!


     10. Mexican: Radio Mexico 

Just one tram ride away from Melbourne Holiday Apartments, the 96 tram towards St Kilda beach will take you right to Radio Mexico! This fun, colourful and exciting restaurant is perfect for a night out with friends or colleagues with delicious drinks and food. We recommend trying one of their many Margaritas if you’re feeling up to it, but beware they’re almost a bit too tasty for your own good!



So as you can see, you will not be short on places to eat when you come to Melbourne! You might have also noticed, there’s one place that gives you convenient access to all these delicious eateries.. Melbourne Holiday Apartments of course! What’s more, the Melbourne International Film Festival is on this month, so you can try a delicious international dinner before heading off to an interesting film from overseas, what a great time to visit Melbourne! Click the link below to get your accommodation organised…. 

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