It doesn’t take much looking to find a formidable restaurant, cafe, garden, bar or attraction within Melbourne. You win some, and you lose some, you aren’t bound to love everything. However in Melbourne there’s a higher chance of you winning. The competition is fierce! That’s why we, the local Melbournian dwellers, have emerged to make your life easier. We have accumulated a few places within Melbourne that aren’t so well known to travellers, that are rewarding and that only the locals would know about. It’s difficult when in a new city or country to avoid the touristy areas. How often has someone said that they wish they knew someone living in said city or country to show them the ins and outs. Thank god you have us, here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments, to show you the ropes!


The “northside” as we like to call it, is a term that basically encompasses the suburbs of Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick and Northcote. The north of Melbourne has many more suburbs than these, but these are the general places that are referred to when someone wants to go to, or lives in, the “northside”. I decided to categorise all these places as one, because there is too much selection within them to even pick and choose my favourites!

Fitzroy: Let’s begin with Fitzroy, namely Brunswick St, Smith St and Gertrude St. Fitzroy is a lovely area with Melbournes best and most renowned cafes and restaurants. Just off Brunswick St on Rose St you will find a cluster of cafes and a lot of street art. Melbourne is strongly known for its abundance of street art and you can really delve into a purer form of Melbourne’s street art that isn’t the touristy Hosier Lane. Naturally the art around Brunswick St is quite a firm representation of the northside aesthetic, that is, nifty and trendy. The architecture along Brunswick St and Smith St is also very appealing, with a mix of old town houses and aged buildings, with contemporary twists. Fitzroy is the type of suburb that both young and old can enjoy. A hidden gem in Fitzroy, is the black cat cafe, shown below. The black cat cafe plays music that epitomises Melbournes pervasive music culture and its decor is Fitzroy in a nutshell, with many plants and stylish art within.

Brunswick: Brunswick is a must see within Melbourne! Sydney Road has one of the best live music scenes in Melbourne. Sydney Road has many restaurants like the delicious Tom Phat, or the all vegan Cornish Arms, and also has many cafes like the picturesque green refractory. But one of Sydney Roads greatest attributes is its glorious bar and Melbournian band scene. The retreat hotel often has gigs and has a tremendous beer garden that is pleasant to sit in even for a meal! Across from the rock n roll bar the retreat hotel there is the Bombay rock bar and live music venue. The penny black is also up the road with many events and often has DJ’s playing, also acting as a night club. All these great places within the one area! The hidden gem of the lot would have to be he retreat hotel, it really is a local classic and a well-loved venue.

So how does one get from Melbourne Holiday apartments to these wonderful areas? Walk 5 minutes to Collins St and jump on the 11 tram, which will take you right down Brunswick St, or an extra 3 minutes one road up to Bourke St. From Bourke St you can get the 86 down to Smith St. For Sydney Road, just jump on a 70 or 75 tram for 5 minutes and then change for the 19 on Elizabeth St for a direct journey to Sydney Road. Don’t let your jaw hit the floor just yet, we have more!


Carlton is a suburb that borders Melbourne’s CBD, and is near the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Melbourne University. As such, it is a popular suburb with young adults, however also extremely family friendly. The well-known Lygon St runs through Carlton, and is commonly considered Melbourne’s little Italy. Lygon St is famous for its Italian restaurants aplenty and thus takes on a very heavy European style. A hidden gem within Carlton, although newly opened, may very well be the deli and restaurant named King and Godfree. Another gem in Carlton is the bustling Heart Attack and Vine cafeteria and in terms of bars, Jimmy Watsons with its lovely rooftop and courtyard. There is lots to do in Carlton, including Friday night family films at the Argyle Square. It is a cute and pretty environment and perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

We here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments really hope you enjoy your stay in Melbourne. We can guarantee you many things, a comfortable apartment, a prime location and now we can even promise you that you will see Melbourne as if you were a local. If you want to come to Melbourne and hunt for these wonderful hidden gems, make sure to stay with us here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments.







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