Melbourne is one of the greatest cities when it comes to straight forward and easily accessible transportation. We have unlimited transport options such as trams, trains and buses in every suburb. Getting around the CBD, and getting into the CBD was never easier. In this article I will cover how to really work Melbourne’s transport system and also provide some vital tourist travel information. We here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments really enjoy making your life easier, that’s why we write these blogs after all. Have a stress free journey, and don’t forget to book with us!


Melbourne is quite well known for their distinguishable trams. They have undergone years of thorough technological improvement and tram-line upgrades which has shaped a very fast and organised transportation route. The way the trams work is that most trams will pass through the city at one point or another, meaning getting inner city is easy no matter how long it takes. Melbourne Central Station stop and federation square are two very central tram stops where all trams traversing St Kilda Road go. The trams along St Kilda road go as far as Coburg and Morland, St Kilda and Caulfield or even Camberwell. Passing through the city, and a 3 minute walk from our apartments, are also the route 96 and 86 trams. The 96 runs from St Kilda to Brunswick east, which is a connection matched in heaven, and the 86 connects Docklands and Bundoora. From whichever area you end up in, there will always be a very direct way to get to the city or even the other side of Melbourne. Any tram that operates within the free tram zone, which is a zone which is restricted to the boarders of the CBD, is a free tram ride as long as it remains within the confines of the city. This also makes it much easier for tourists to not have to pay for complicated transport passes, and luckily for you Melbourne Holiday Apartments tram stops are within said free tram zone. The  city circle tram (35) that runs throughout the city, is a tram for tourists that gives a scenic view of Melbourne stopping at many key attractions and provides a historical or factual overview of the sites visited.


Melbourne Buses run through all the streets and roads that trams don’t take us to easily. There’s only two buses that you really need to be aware of though! Melbourne’s sky bus will take you to, and from, the Tullamarine airport  with free wifi on board, running from southern cross and along the way to St Kilda. Our apartments at Flinders Wharf are a short 10 minute walk from southern cross, or a 2 minute tram ride on the 96, which is next door to our buildings. That makes it very easy for you to get cheap transport from the airport, and basically to our luxury homes. The other bus that you might be interested in is the hop on hop off Melbourne sight seeing bus, which takes you to many of Melbournes best attractions and allows for a flexible trip where you don’t have to follow a schedule.


The trains are fast and quite reliable around Melbourne. Two of the most major train stations in Melbourne, Flinders St and Southern Cross, are both 5 minutes from our apartments. Flinders street will get you a train to any metropolitan area you desire, with a large network running far and wide, and extending to the more rural suburbs. The v-line system that Melbourne has is fantastic for getting out of Melbourne and seeing some of Victoria. It’s expected that travellers will want to go and explore, and Victoria has some fantastic nature to offer. Many trains go from Southern Cross to Geelong, which is along the Great Ocean Road, and from there many buses go to places like Anglesea and Lorne. Lorne has the beautiful Erksine Falls pictured below and is a lovely town with many hikes and beaches. So to see Melbourne and Victoria at their finest, our services really do seem to be the most beneficial.

By the looks of things, you’ve got it WAY too good here in Melbourne. Lucky for you we gave a bit of a run down on the ins and outs of Melbourne’s transportation, and have really highlighted just how easy it is. I’m also certain you know realise it is imperative that you stay with us. We are close to everything and our location is so central you wont believe it. So where do you go when looking for easy ways around Melbourne, with us here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments.



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