Winter is coming! But don’t lock your doors and hug your sofa, we here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments have discovered some wonderful ways to enjoy Melbourne with the grizzly cold on its way. Winter never seemed so eventful! Melbourne prides itself on its year round consistency, its ability to always remain interesting and exciting despite leading into the darker seasons. It’s as simple as having a classic and renowned cup of Melbourne coffee on a gorgeous crisp winter morning. Melbourne’s impeccable coffee and its cute independent cafes are reason enough to get you out of bed despite the nagging inclination to hide under the covers. Here’s another 7 reasons to visit Melbourne this Winter, and also why Melbourne Holiday Apartments are perfect for your travels.


 1. Go IceSkating!

The O’brien IceHouse provides family fun, or a romantic day with a partner, for the entire day. There are many events at the icehouse that keep it interesting consistently. One of these events includes Sunday funday, which is a public ice skate meaning, whether you are experienced or a first time skater, you can skate on the ice surrounded by people with many laughs to be shared. Another place to skate with a glorious view is at the river rink at Federation Square. The river rink is an iceskating rink set up exclusively for winter by Fed Square, and overlooks the Yarra river and the city centre, with a terrific atmosphere at night. Both of these stirring events are easily accessible from Melbourne Holiday Apartments. The 70 or 75 tram, a 2 minute walk from the front door, take you directly to Flinders St, across the road from Federation Square. And the O’brien Icehouse is in Docklands, around the corner from Flinders Wharf, which is where we are predominantly situated.

 2.  Visit the Winter Night market

The Europa Night market at the Queen Victoria Market is quite a sight to behold. It is only on until May 8th and it exhibits different nights with themes ranging from Italian, French to Mediterranean. It has food trucks, dances and is very atmospheric. The food sits at a very fair price and if the amphitheatre with live music isn’t enough to cause intrigue, then the silent disco is sure to catch your eye! Make sure to visit, and it is just a short ride from our enviable apartments.

3. See a film at the international film festival

Is the urge to stay home with a good book or film so overwhelming that you can’t bring yourself to leave? I wouldn’t blame you, our rentals are so sweet they are bound to have that effect. However, why not take a peak into one of Melbourne’s most anticipated events, the international film festival? The movies are sure to touch your heart, make you squirm, laugh or plainly fall in love. One of the participating cinemas is the Palace cinema in South Yarra and Northcote. Palace cinemas are grand and old, most of which have been around for a very long time, therefore they have aged architecture providing a taste for Melbourne’s, although short, heritage.

4. Head over to the NGV

In Melbourne’s renowned National Gallery of Victoria, a must see when travelling, many events are held throughout winter. On most Fridays throughout the June/July period there are special free and paid admission events with international and local showcases including live music. It is exciting to see and an entire nights experience. It is also recommended that one goes and views the public galleries in the week, as there are many exhibitions held by the NGV Women’s Association. As expected, there are also international exhibitions constantly, and theres no lovelier building to experience them in other than the NGV. Lucky for you, as you must be ready to book flights right about now, our apartments are near the 70 and 75 tram which will take you directly to flinders street, a 3 minute walk from the NGV, and a gorgeous walk at that.

If this hasn’t compelled you enough to do Melbourne the right way, I’m not sure what will. Maybe the classic and trendy Melbourne bars that surround our complex, or the wonderful restaurants to feast in down at Southbank or Docklands, a short walk from where we are situated. Melbourne Holiday Apartments are central and perfect for a winter in Melbourne. So where do you stay in order to really experience Melbourne? With us of course, here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments. See you soon!

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