Melbourne is filled with some pretty exciting things to see and do throughout its lustrous streets and bewildering suburbs. There are hidden gems, entire streets worth looking into and many non-touristy adventures to behold you, however, sometimes it is nice to see some of the landmarks and live some traveller cliches. Everyone secretly enjoys seeing the mainstream attractions, at least for one day! We here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments have listed below some of the best, and some of our favourite, Melbourne tourist attractions, and some reasons as to why they may be worth your time. Enjoy!


Shrine of remembrance is a sobering monument that allows us to remember those who lost their lives in the war in an area within the confines of a parkland, namely Alexandra gardens, with lush and thriving flora blossoming a sea of green surrounded by cement. Within this wonderland of greenery the shrine of remembrance, with its many facets, stands tall and spectacular. The shrine is a sight to see and has a particular peacefulness to it that allows you to slowly observe it and be still. Although the ANZAC war was one of sorrow and a military tragedy, probably one of the biggest military mistakes we have made other than joining the Vietnam war, it is still a saddening tale that deserves reflection and appreciation, so really take it in!

A large stone building

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There is sure to be some incredible sights in the world that really get the heart going, but nothing will prepare you for the breathtaking and awe-inspiring view of Melbourne that you enjoy from the tops of one of the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere. As you go up higher and higher the excitement really does begin to overwhelm. The sky deck on the tower is a cage that actively allows you to be outside and standing above the entire city. Everything looks like a miniature community of ants, trains look as if you can play with them like a large infant playing with a model railway network. Being above a bustling urban city is a bizarre experience as you escape the rush and see it from afar, almost in slow motion. It is definitely something to remember, both visually and physically.

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The old Melbourne gaol (gaol meaning jail in old English) is the place where a famous Australian vigilante and hero of the people met his lawful demise, namely Ned Kelly. Upon arrival at the Gaol you can book in a tour and have one of the excitable and theatrical guards give you a grizzly description of the jail cells and provide a realistic experience of what it may have been like to be jailed in the 1800s. It is spooky but also very interesting and is next to the state library of Victoria.


The state library of Victoria is a building that has been around since 1856, and the interior definitely reflects this. The building itself will make you feel as if you are inside Hogwarts from J.K. Rowlings novel “Harry Potter”. The roof is so high it feels as if you floating up to it, and the ceiling design so breathtaking your neck will cramp for you cannot take your eyes away from it. The third floor reveals a room with green lanterns and old wooden tables and chairs, reflecting their choice to preserve the libraries original aesthetic. Having done this, there is a bizarre and stark contrast between the students in their modern day clothes studying, and the antique feel of the furniture and interior design. The library is large and exquisite, something that you should definitely exhibit!


The sea life aquarium is a large aquarium on Flinders Street in Melbourne, and has plenty of space for the fish to move around freely. The aquarium itself teaches people about animal conservation and pushes for cleaner oceans and provides awareness about the harms associated with waste. There are many exciting creatures to see in the aquarium ranging from sharks, to stingrays to a large crocodile and even to adorable little penguins. It’s perfect for a day out with the family. The aquarium also offers some amazing experiences too. You and your family, or partner, or on your own, can meet the penguins in person on the ice and they will even let you swim with the sharks and fish (along with an instructor) as well. These are pretty amazing, once in a lifetime experiences and they are highly suggested.

To say the least, Melbourne has some pretty excellent attractions. Of course, if I’m being honest, the best parts about Melbourne are the more ingrained elements, like the common ideals Melburnians share, the beautiful streets, food and multiculturalism and the Melburnian culture, like cafes, coffee and trendy bars. However, for a guilty pleasure, it is important to see the attractions and because more often then not they will leave you speechless. And when you wisely decide you want to visit all these landmarks, you know where to stay…. With us of course, here at Melbourne Holiday Apartments.


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