About Us

Since its inception in 2003, Melbourne Holiday Apartments has grown into a respected property management establishment and trusted accommodation provider at the heart of Melbourne, servicing an array of guests from diverse countries, continents and capitals who seek authentically friendly Australian service and the comfort of a home away from home.

From small beginnings, Melbourne Holiday Apartment has tried to bridge the accommodation gap and create modern, stylish, serviced apartment living in central Melbourne where families and colleagues can not only lay their head for the night, but also socialise and relax in a space to call their own whether it be for a short holiday or longer stay.

Each apartment interior is designed and decorated in unique ways to reflect Australian modernity and Melbourne’s unique and multi-layered culture to create a memorable stay. Today, Melbourne Holiday Apartments continues to thrive and expand, offering a vast number of apartments in various notable residential buildings, excelling in customer service and building long lasting partnerships.

As a member of the Victorian Accommodation Industry Association (VicAIA), WFM Group is committed to following the Holiday and Short Term Rental Code of Conduct set by the HRIA. The Code provides a set of industry practices that satisfy the needs of local communities, accommodation providers, property owners, tourism operators and guests. By following these guidelines we ensure the highest standards for both our guests and the property owners.

If you are a property investor interested in the short term rental market and would like to find out more about our management services, please visit Waterfront Management Group.